commercial services

polished concrete

Adding light, value, durability and stunning aesthetics, polished concrete floors can change the way you operate. From car mechanics to office fit outs it makes sense to polish for a long term investment in your assets. A suitable system will be tailored to your facility uses and requirements ranging from a surface burnish polish, minimal exposure and full exposure with a lustre to suit.

epoxy coatings

A commercial space is built on large volumes of expensive concrete. This concrete needs protecting from oils, scrapes, moisture and general usage to ensure the foundation is not damaged beyond repair. Epoxy does all of this while looking great and being a viable option. At ProCo we can offer a range of epoxy systems from concrete repairs to roll coats to high build self levelling floors. With samples of all our systems we recommend a meeting to discuss the best investment you will make.

floor preparation

Tile removal, tile adhesive, vinyl glue, floor levelling and coating preparation are just a few areas we can assist in getting your floor ready for its next stage. Utilising Husqvarnas Air Filtration Units keeping all airborne dusts down to a minimum and having all the surfaces encapsulated into plastic bag systems means your site remains virtually dustless throughout our engagement and your health is never compromised.

ProCo utilise the latest Husqvarna remote controlled grinders to complete your job faster and save you on labour.

dust seal

Keeping the concrete looking natural and raw, although looks great it is constantly dusting and wearing away. Our solution to this is introducing a series of chemicals that keeps the concrete looking relatively untouched while closing the pours to increase density and almost completely alleviate dusting.